How To: Learn the basics of skiing

Learn the basics of skiing

Learn how to go, stop, and control your speed on the ski slopes with this guide to learning the first skills for snowplough.

This is a step by step guide to help you learn to ski. Notice I said help... when you first try skiing you should have an instructor there with you. You will learn faster and it will be safer. However, this guide will give you the information your instructor will give you, and maybe a few different things to try.

Why do I need to bother with this guide then if I still need to get an instructor?

Well, there are a few reasons the guide below will be useful. Firstly, every hour you spend with an instructor will cost you more money. If you combine some lessons with your own practice sessions then you will learn the basics much faster and with less of a dent in the purse. The guide will give you tips on practices to try so that when you go back for another lesson you will have improved your skills so the teacher can help you with the next steps. Secondly, if you read this first you will have a better idea of what will happen in your lesson, and hopefully this will mean you get through things faster. Lastly, if you know someone who can ski but they have never taught anyone this will help them help you.

In this section the focus is on the basics - going and stopping, and beginning to control direction.

Watch this beginner's guide to skiing for some helpful tips for your first time hitting the slopes.

Learn the basics of skiing

Learn the basics of skiing Click through to watch this video on

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