News: Skiing the Manhattan Tsnownami at 40 MPH

Skiing the Manhattan Tsnownami at 40 MPH

Car + rope + 1 pair of skis + 1 brave volunteer. Chris Branca makes the most of the recent NYC tsnownami by jetting down Park Avenue at 40 miles per hour:

"We kinda pushed it more and more as we tested the streets, until we finally decided to gun it down Park Avenue. My friend's amateur opinion of the conditions outside prompted my bravado."

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I wish it snowed more here in the midwest, I'd go do the same on a snowboard.

You might have to drive to the nearest snowy streets. Makes for a great video!! Seems like snowboarding would be harder when you are being pulled like that, but I don't know...

It does sound harder, but it also sounds like it needs to be done :P

That's awesome. I wonder what the people walking by were thinking. Has anyone else here ever done anything like this? Maybe on a snowboard?

that was awesom! it will make a good comercial add on tv! just do it! mmmm

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